How can I cancel an order?

Pre-order orders may be cancelled or modified at any time before payment has been processed. Payment for pre-order products will be processed when the product is received at our warehouse and available for delivery.
Where applicable, crowdfunded orders may be cancelled or modified at any time before the completion of the project backing period. Payment for crowdfunded orders will be processed once the project backing period has expired and the minimum number of backings is met.
Note: All cancellations are final and once an item is removed from an order for any reason, it cannot be restored.

From the Hasbro Pulse website:

  1. Log into your account and locate the preorder or crowdfunded order in question from the My Orders section.
  2. After opening the order, click the link that reads Select All or check the box(es) to the left of the product(s) that need to be cancelled.
  3. Click the link that reads Cancel Item(s) to cancel the item(s).
  4. A confirmation email will be sent detailing the cancellation.
For in-stock items, you will be unable to change or cancel your order once confirmed in checkout. You must contact Customer Service here to attempt to cancel or change it. We are unable to cancel or change orders that have already been dispatched except for remaining items in a partially delivered order.
Please see our Delivery & Returns Policy for more detail on returns.